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  • Surf - Rides like a powered surf board. No more paddling with your hands, catch the waves with power on tap. Great trainer configuration for getting familiar with XFoil. 
  • Surf/Foil Hybrid - Rides like a surf board and planes quickly. Great for shallow water and the feeling of being lifted while carving on the surface of the water. 
  • Foil Trainer - About half the length of the full foil mast. As you start to lift and foil, this mast is a great trailer to transition from Surf/Foil Hybrid before going to a full length foil mast.
  • Full Foil SUP - Use the motor to catch the waves. Once you lift the foil is unobstructed by the motor for a pure foil riding experience. 
  • Full Foil - Powered full foil flight for a trilling riding experience. 
  • Due to continuous product improvements, the images and technical specifications may differ slightly from the actual product that you receive.
  • XFoil™ is a trademark of PLX Devices Inc.
  • XFoil ships worldwide. Taxes such as VAT and GST are not included. 
  • For rural and/or delivery addresses that require special attention customers will be contacted prior to shipment with an opportunity to change the delivery address or cover additional shipping charges. 
  • XFoil is shipped with insurance and tracking. Damaged goods must be reported within 5 business days of receipt of goods for Domestic shipments and within 48 hours for International shipments to qualify for insurance claims.
  • XFoil is Patent Pending.
  • Customers may also pickup items from our Fremont, CA warehouse (next to Tesla Factory) by making an appointment with customer service.
  • Range, runtime, and top speed specification are based on ideal operating conditions without the propeller protector, with motor propeller sleeve installed, performance long range battery, 140 LBS or less rider weight, flat water with no current or wind on the smallest wing and tail. Range assumes XFoil is lifted and flying 99.9% of the trip at about 30% thrust. Runtime is based on 30% average throttle in foil configuration lifted and flying 99.9% of the time. Top speed is based on full battery charge on brand new battery utilizing performance long range battery where XFoil is in foil configuration lifted and flying on maximum thrust setting on the smallest wing and tail.
  • XFoil is for Ages 14 and over. Maximum rider weight is 250 lbs (113 Kg).

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